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The Purpose
of Cultivare Leadership Development

Cultivare Leadership Development is committed to helping brilliant leaders with razor-sharp analytical skills realize their potential by enhancing their people skills.  

As a result of working with us:

  • Executives become more effective in dealing with key stakeholders, whether they be clients, direct reports, peers, or managers.
  • Leadership teams develop the ability to capitalize on the strengths of each member and provide comprehensive solutions to complex challenges.
  • The effect of these changes ripples through the organization, positively impacting all those who interact with the leaders.
  • Organizations are able to harness and fully utilize high-level talent to advance their goals and objectives.
Founder’s Personal Experience

 During my early years as an achievement-oriented introvert, I experienced the frustration of being:

  • Isolated in conversations
  • Forced to sit through endless meetings going no where
  • Unable to influence others when the correct path was obvious to me, and
  • Overlooked for opportunities that perfectly aligned with my technical expertise.

Over many years of observation, reading, and a fair amount of trial and error, I learned how to:

  • Make other people feel comfortable and valued
  • Truly listen to others and try to understand their perspective
  • Incorporate others’ views into solutions that I proposed
  • Become more comfortable in social situations, and
  • Become recognized for my expertise.

The lessons I learned for developing and maintaining effective teams include:

  • Recognize and value the individual strengths and contributions of each member
  • Determine where the team is vulnerable and take steps to limit exposure
  • Establish and act on priorities
  • Model and reinforce courtesy, cooperation, and collaboration
  • Encourage opinions (and disagreements) that widen the perspective and clarify the situation
  • Deal with problems promptly, and
  • Recognize and reward the team.
Our Differentiators 
  • Natural analytical orientation and focus on results
  • Breadth of leadership knowledge, informed by science and refined by experience
  • Use of scientifically-proven assessments, observations, and narrative 360 degree interviews to understand the client’s strengths, derailers, and developmental needs
  • Create customized baseline performance report that provides realistic ideas and suggestions for improvement
  • Customize and adapt work in real time to meet client’s evolving needs, and
  • Measure improvement at the end of the engagement and provide a customized final report detailing the observed change.
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