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    Cultivare is committed to growing the "people skills" of executives and leadership teams worldwide.  As leaders learn about themselves and those around them they become more adept at building and navigating relationships in the organization, resulting in increased performance all around.


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    Many of my clients’ struggles involve relationships with other people.

    Individual challenges include:

    • Difficulty developing mutually beneficial relationships

    • Failure to address lackluster or poor performance
    • Not engaging, motivating, or recognizing staff





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    Some clients are challenged with executing on their ideas.

    Leadership team challenges include:

    • Not making timely decisions or continually revisiting decisions

    • Delays in executing decisions and accomplishing goals
    • Back-biting, power plays, and destructive confrontations





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    Cultivare provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development.

     Our client solutions include:

     • Scientifically proven Psychological Assessments
         • Narrative 360-Degree Interviews and Reports
         • Individual Executive Coaching
         • Team Development and Team Coaching
         • Workshops and Training
         • Speaking Engagements


    Together, we evaluate which options best address your unique needs; monitor the effect; and adjust accordingly to achieve your goals.

  • The VIVE Process


    VIVE, our 4 step process, breathes life into your leadership success:


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    Establish where you are, what you want, and what success looks like.

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    Proven psychological assessments and a customized narrative 360 process identify strengths and uncover potential derailers.

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    Venture beyond the familiar, trying new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  Observe yourself, seek feedback, and adjust accordingly.

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    Execute & Embody


    Reflect on your journey, acknowledge the success, and continue on your path.

  • Coaching Programs

    Cultivare offers 2 coaching programs:

    Executive Leader Program


    Invigorate Key Relationships


    This program is for executives who need to develop strong relationships inside and/or outside the organization.



    In the Executive Leader program you will:

    • Articulate a compelling vision
    • Build trust and create alliances
    • Ask insightful questions
    • Influence important decisions
    • Navigate stressful conversations to achieve desired outcomes
    • Communicate explicit requests and expectations
    • Hold people accountable and address performance problems
    • Engage and energize your staff to achieve goals
    • Challenge staff with developmental assignments



    6/9/12 month program includes:

    • Customized narrative 360-Degree Feedback Report
    • Customized development plan
    • Up to 24/36/48 hours of coaching sessions
    • Pre-post evaluation of progress on development plan
    • Unlimited email/phone support

    Leadership Team Program


     Galvanize Your Team to Succeed


    This program is for senior leadership teams that need to enhance their teamwork and collaboration.



    In the Leadership Team Program your team will:

    • Trust one another to do what is best for the team
    • Recognize and respect each other’s strengths and contributions
    • Place a higher priority on the needs of the team than their own areas of responsibility
    • Unite around the overarching goals of the team.
    • Welcome healthy disagreements
    • Make higher-quality decisions in a timely manner
    • Work collaboratively in executing decisions





    9/12 month program includes:

    • Initial observation of team meetings
    • Customized interviews with team members
    • Diagnostic feedback on team performance
    • Up to 19/25 days of on-site observation, training, and team coaching (including initial observation)
    • Training materials as relevant
    • Unlimited email/phone support
  • Testimonials

    Anthony P. Kavanagh

    Sr. Vice President, Governmental Affairs

    "Wanda Campbell became my coach and confidant following a significant incident between members of my team. Wanda is honest and direct, and she quickly identified both the strengths and weaknesses in my leadership style. She accomplished this by not only winning my trust, but the trust of my team, and other senior leaders.  Wanda worked with me to regain the trust of my team. Restoring a culture of engagement, collaboration and respect took time and work, and she was a critical component of accomplishing this goal."

    Shannon Leftwich

    Director, Human Resources

    "Wanda brings with her a wealth of experience in both leadership and working effectively with HR. Her narrative 360 reviews have opened our leaders’ eyes and challenged them to explore their developmental needs. Wanda’s observations and questions create insights that have led to positive changes in individuals, teams, and departments. Everyone who works with Wanda is so grateful for the opportunity, and those who have not worked directly with her know her reputation. We could not be happier with our partnership with Wanda Campbell and Cultivare!"

    Lisa M. Barton

    Executive Vice President, Transmission

    "Wanda Campbell delivers extraordinary value to her clients. I engaged her to help my senior leadership team enhance their teamwork and collaboration. Wanda worked with my business unit to develop a program that was customized to our unique needs.  During our offsite events, Wanda adapted the program in real time in response to the reactions and behavior of my team. During the time that we worked together, my team began their transformation from a collection of leaders with independent interests to a team that recognizes and works more collaboratively to achieve shared goals."

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